Week 4


This was my first time at Spoon! Got to chill with my girl, Autumn and proceeded to bitch about work.

I had the Braised lamb toast, which is a little out of my comfort zone. Usually my go to’s are things with seafood BUT you deserve 9/10.
Coffee gets 10/10
Pretty sure they just started their brunches not too long ago and it was superb. Not to my surprise, the kitchen staff their is excellent.
Everyone should try their brunch. 👍🏼


Week 3

Muddy Waters

OKAY. So, this was only the third week and my planning is not too sound yet. I decided to crash Andrew’s work place and hang out at the bar for brunch.

*SIDE NOTE: I thoroughly enjoy eating alone at a bar*

I started with a seafood sampler that consisted of oysters, shrimp, lobster and a glass of SPARKLING WINE!

THEN, Lobster eggs Benedict, which is only getting a 6/10 today. Solely because the country ham that was on it was entirely too salty. I totally get that country ham is supposed to be salty but it kinda assaulted my taste buds. Anyway, the lobster meat was killer and the hollandaise was *kisses finger tips*

Oyster/ shrimp/ lobster sample platter (9.5/10)
Lobster eggs Benedict (6.5/10)




Venturing to one of my favorite places for brunch in Pittsburgh: The Vandal.

I’ve been here a few times before, always toting along a bottle or two of sparkling wine (obviously) and today was no different.

Egg in the hole with pickled jalapeños, tomato sauce, potatoes, and arugula. Which deserves 8/10 because my heart lies with their chicken sandwich, which honestly needs a gold star.

Accompanied by some sparkling rosé and some of my favorite people: Tony , Andrew , and Serena!  😍



Week 1


Week 1 of brunch adventures takes place at Urban tap in shady side.

Eggs benedict w/ salmon, capers, ya know, the works.

I got to enjoy this first saturday brunch not participating in drinking, which is out of the ordinary for me.

This was my first time at urban tap in Shady Side. The fact that they have a 100 beers on tap, as an industry person, I couldn’t help but wonder the process and length of cleaning and rotating the kegs in what I can only imagine is a massive keg room.
A sober brunch, on a Saturday (don’t judge me).

Had a lovely time catching up with Hannah and Abby.

RATE 7/10