Week 10, WHAT UP!!!

Casbah was on the plan for this week. Joining me was Andrew and Autumn

With a long day ahead of I had the foresight to plan a later brunch (12:30pm), which caused a large amount of nostalgia: as soon as I walked into Casbah I saw all the *fresh* graduates brunching with their families. Am I old, now?

ANYWAY, later on Sunday was my (ex) GM’s going away party, so I decided to fuel up for the “festivities”.
Prix fixe menu: appetizer, entree, and a cocktail/drink for 28$ AYEEEE

Cheese plate: 9.5/10
Scallop fry: 7/10

You can’t go wrong with cheese plate.
Scallop fry was good. Scallops were cooked perfectly.

Ended with a cup of coffee because my life is not complete without caffeine.
*not pictured* : a killer glass of Lambrusco too ❤️ 


Week 9


So this brunch I was running on literally 2 hours of sleep, if that. Tender was having their last night of service the night before so it was booze city.

ANYWAY Local in South Side:

I love the carafes of mimosas, that is never disappointing. Sausage gravy and biscuits was, however, a little “ehhh”. A great hangover cure, but really lacked flavor. You could also tell it was hanging out under the heat lamp for a little bit (idk why that’s a huge pet peeve of mine). 3.5/10

Week 7

week7.jpgI’m gonna preface this post by saying I was home this weekend in berks county and am clueless to the brunch scene here.

I took my mom out to get crepes in west reading (taste of crepes). I ordered a smoked turkey crepe with spicy ranch, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mushroom.

I’m gonna give this a 5/10

While the flavor combinations were good it’s definitely not comparable to the food I find in Pittsburgh. But the owner of the restaurant was incredibly nice, service was good and penn ave is a cute little place to walk down on a Sunday morning
Oh side note, I’m not used to going places that don’t serve alcohol at brunch, so maybe that’s why my mom told me I was “grumpy” this morning. 💩

But shout out to my mom for one of the most loving and caring individuals ❤


  • week6Smallman galley: a Carota cafe dish
  • if you’ve never been I would definitely check it out. Such a fun concept and friendly staff!
  • their beer selection is pretty good. I got a great east end coffee porter. 😍
  • a great selection and range of dishes from the four restaurants that are there, which rotate with every season. SO LOOK OUT FOR A SUMMER POST FROM HERE. 😉I GOT chicken hash with sweet potatoes, fingerlings, sage, pulled chicken and a fried egg: 9/10.

Kirsten, Jonathan, and John joined me this week. I HATE parking in the strip district on the weekends. So that’s the only thing I would avoid next time. If you’re lucky maybe you’ll get a self driving uber on Penn.