Week 3

Muddy Waters

OKAY. So, this was only the third week and my planning is not too sound yet. I decided to crash Andrew’s work place and hang out at the bar for brunch.

*SIDE NOTE: I thoroughly enjoy eating alone at a bar*

I started with a seafood sampler that consisted of oysters, shrimp, lobster and a glass of SPARKLING WINE!

THEN, Lobster eggs Benedict, which is only getting a 6/10 today. Solely because the country ham that was on it was entirely too salty. I totally get that country ham is supposed to be salty but it kinda assaulted my taste buds. Anyway, the lobster meat was killer and the hollandaise was *kisses finger tips*

Oyster/ shrimp/ lobster sample platter (9.5/10)
Lobster eggs Benedict (6.5/10)



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