Week 5


So week 5 was accidental brunch at The Yard in Shady Side. I preface this post by mentioning that I was only slightly hungover from the evening before.

To combat my dehydration and headache Autumn and I sat down for a lovely afternoon lunch (which I’m using for brunch).

Chicken and waffles: 5.5/10. The coffee was good. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But really the main and interesting part of this brunch was the service staff. Our server was attentive and did a great job (so being an industry individual, you get an auto 30% tip). HOWEVER, the guy that must of had the section next to us was one of the most entertaining individuals.

PICTURE THIS: A server sits down with you at your table to talk to you about beer, is continuously singing like we were outside a casting call for Les Miserables. I was just generally amused by him. 10/10, sir.


Week 4


This was my first time at Spoon! Got to chill with my girl, Autumn and proceeded to bitch about work.

I had the Braised lamb toast, which is a little out of my comfort zone. Usually my go to’s are things with seafood BUT you deserve 9/10.
Coffee gets 10/10
Pretty sure they just started their brunches not too long ago and it was superb. Not to my surprise, the kitchen staff their is excellent.
Everyone should try their brunch. 👍🏼

Week 3

Muddy Waters

OKAY. So, this was only the third week and my planning is not too sound yet. I decided to crash Andrew’s work place and hang out at the bar for brunch.

*SIDE NOTE: I thoroughly enjoy eating alone at a bar*

I started with a seafood sampler that consisted of oysters, shrimp, lobster and a glass of SPARKLING WINE!

THEN, Lobster eggs Benedict, which is only getting a 6/10 today. Solely because the country ham that was on it was entirely too salty. I totally get that country ham is supposed to be salty but it kinda assaulted my taste buds. Anyway, the lobster meat was killer and the hollandaise was *kisses finger tips*

Oyster/ shrimp/ lobster sample platter (9.5/10)
Lobster eggs Benedict (6.5/10)




Venturing to one of my favorite places for brunch in Pittsburgh: The Vandal.

I’ve been here a few times before, always toting along a bottle or two of sparkling wine (obviously) and today was no different.

Egg in the hole with pickled jalapeños, tomato sauce, potatoes, and arugula. Which deserves 8/10 because my heart lies with their chicken sandwich, which honestly needs a gold star.

Accompanied by some sparkling rosé and some of my favorite people: Tony , Andrew , and Serena!  😍